Injection Molding | Mexico

The uninterrupted supply of high quality plastic products continue after launch with our Injection Molding Operation Majors-MIRSA.

Given short lead times we set the standard with our rapid customer support and precise execution. We strive to be the single source for all the resources and support services needed for injection molded plastic components and complimenting decorative applications, assemblies, or contract manufacturing. 

Our team consists of highly skilled individuals trained and experienced in scientific molding principles, closed loop process controls, in-cavity pressure monitoring instrumentation, industry preferred molding press heater bands, desiccant dryers, high-end runner-less controllers and fast reacting sprue/part removal robots. All such equipment is maintained in peak performance by an excellent in-house maintenance crew working in a clean well-lit workspace. 

Mexico Capabilities

  • Four Facilities in Reynosa, Mexico 
  • Injection Molding
  • Plastic Decorating & Finishing
  • VMI Warehouse Support
  • Full Engineering Support
  • 55 to 610 Ton Capacity Molding Presses
  • Robotics & Automation
  • Over Molding 
  • Two Material Over-Molding
  • Two Stage Over-Molding
  • In-House Tool Room Mold Repair, Maintenance & Custom Fixtures